Every moment can be miraculous. You have the power within to transform your life. Let’s unlock the magic.

Alchemy. A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. I’m ready to pull back the curtain on that magical process for you.

Let’s embark on this journey together. Choose your path below.

Illumination Session

A 30-minute conversation that focuses on you, at no charge. You share your desires and we identify where your journey should start.

Intuitive Healing

An immersive one-hour experience that allows you to connect fully with yourself and the Universal energy that flows around us.


A journey of mystical embodiment, mindfulness and magnetism by integrating powerful energy work, thoughtful rituals and a calm confidence into daily life.

Events and Gatherings

Monthly moon gatherings, retreats, Reiki certifications and much more.

Client Gratitude

“Danielle is one of those people who has a gift. Her presence is palpable and her willingness to absorb my “stuff” and help me work through it did not and does not come from a forced place. Danielle has been genuine in her pursuit of my mental and spiritual wellness. I went through so many changes this past year and having someone to help me peel back the layers of hardened protection and denial about how I was feeling created such abundance in the aftermath.” Danika M.