About Danielle


I’m Danielle and I’m devoted to helping you reveal your pure power and essence through juicy energy work, impactful rituals and strategic coaching.

I believe in the power and the pull of the moon.

I believe in the divine intelligence of the physical body.

I believe in the healing capabilities of quartz, amethyst and other earthly gems.

I believe that true leadership is cultivated by first working on our own “stuff” – embodying the qualities you wish to inspire in others.

I stay continuously inspired by working with women and men to co-create a path of tapping into their divine intelligence and innate leadership abilities through ritual, intuitive healing, group workshops and retreats.

As a devotee to leadership coaching and training, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and certifications in the world of strategic goal-setting, relationship building, influential communication, and conflict resolution.

I have managed award-winning sales teams, advised hundreds of clients on how to create the business of their dreams, and have cultivated impactful corporate events for a decade.

In the midst of my own journey, I became a certified Reiki master, a student of Healing Touch and a registered yoga teacher. All of these modalities, plus my background in management and leadership, influence my work now and I love integrating the abundant world of higher connection and grounded practical tools. Together we create a crystal clear strategy to allow you to show up fully.

I can’t wait to walk with you on this path.


Client Gratitude

Danielle’s work is incredible!!! I did a remote session and an in-person session. Both were equally powerful. I thought the remote work would not be as powerful, but boy was I wrong. It was amazing! She has a real gift in clearing energy and helping you take practical and actionable steps to integrate the work into your life. She is the best!!!  Joshua S.

“I have received loving energy from Danielle a few times through guided meditation. Actually the very first guided meditation I had ever done was with her and it definitely made a deep emotional impact. Her calm healing words connected with my subconscious and intuition. I love her focus on feminine energy and healing through love and safe space. I immediately felt at peace with a deeper connection to my soul each time I have interacted with Danielle. I am so grateful and fortunate for her presence and her spirit.” Kandle C.

“Danielle is extremely intuitive, her knowledge and soothing nature make such a wonderful combination that I truly believe she is a force in the healing realm. This area of work suits her well. She was able to pinpoint which of my chakras were vibrating high and which needed attention. During the remote energy work, she sensed almost exactly what I was dealing with on a deeply personal and familial level. She suggested meditations and homework for healing which have been a huge help. I look forward to working with Danielle again and diving even deeper in the near future.” Rachel S.

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