Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing Session

If you have journeyed this far you accept that we are comprised of energy.  You have likely already heard this in countless yoga classes, Rumi poems, from influential speakers or a devout personal practice. If you are like me, you are probably ready to dive heart first into what that means.

Are you… 

Yearning for an energy “tune-up” in order to release the mass of influence that you procure on a daily basis?

Desiring a deserved catharsis for the physical body that carries aches, pains, emotional discomfort, digestive issues, and myriad other ailments?

Wanting to tap into the art of cleansing your energy, allowing you to be uncompromisingly present with those that you love and in the moments you value the most?

My 1-1 intuitive healing sessions combine the art of Healing Touch and the practice of Reiki to channel divine, loving light. I am merely the channel – your body intuitively knows where to send the goodness.

Side effects tend to be feeling an immense amount of calm, heightened clarity, and sometimes trippy visuals of what lies in your subconscious.

Together we can crack open a new level of interdimensional connection.

I offer distance and in-person healing sessions.

How it works…

I am presently offering distance healing and in-person sessions.

If distance healing speaks to you… Book an appointment here. 

  • Find a comfortable spot in your home for ultimate relaxation and peaked creativity – you will be simply laying down or sitting comfortably for the duration of the session.
  • Light candles, burn sage, adorn essential oils, charge up your crystals – you do you, girl.
  • Do yourself the service of having writing tools at the ready, as I encourage intuitive journaling post-session.

There will be an intake process prior to your session so that I may better know your desires.

Additionally, you will receive a brief call post-session to discuss what arose for you and I will share any insights that I gather from our time together.

Investment: $110 or a pack of 3 sessions for $280