Moon Gatherings

New & Full Moon Gatherings

I believe that we can realize our deepest desires by aligning ourselves with the lunar cycle and harnessing the energy that the Universe so kindly shares with us.

Full moon energy allows us to release the ties and attachments that no longer serve us. To witness them.

When we shine light on the things that scare us, annoy us or that we’re ashamed of, we then have the ability to send that energy acceptance, love and grace.

In contrast, new moon energy can encourage us to go inward.

Imagine the darkness of the night sky being mirrored within. What lies in the darkness? When there is a blank slate, creativity can take hold. Ideas can be born. In these moments of stillness, we can hear the whispers of our heart.

How do you cultivate and bring that precious energy forward?

Every new and full moon, I lead a guided meditation in a Reiki-infused room to allow our physical and energetic bodies to align with nature’s most pure source of power.

A full moon release.

A new moon intention.