Alchemy Activated

Mindfulness. Movement. Mysticism.

The foundation of Alchemy Activated is based on expanding into these three distinct areas of study. Working to define these lofty concepts together and applying them practically to create a magnetic presence.

Soul mamas, Alchemy Activated is ideal if you…

Know that personal growth is a perpetual process.

Desire practices that will extend beyond the calm, untested moments but rather reach into the traffic jams and long Mondays.

Yearn for simple rituals that ground you with Mother Earth in an instant, ushering you back to the richness of your five senses.

Want to to be the calm in the middle of the chaos.

I know you want to uplift your family, your community, and those you engage with simply by embodying goddess energy and this is the process of reminding and holding accountable those divine values.

The three month coaching program includes:

  • Two times per month, we will have a one-hour 1-1 session to learn impactful energetic healing techniques, co-create personal rituals for balance and grounding, and to immerse in the joys of guided meditation to connect fully to Self.
  • Two 30-minute “check-in” sessions to be scheduled according to your needs, questions, and shares.
  • One distance healing session per month, scheduled according to your availability. This can be in-person depending on location.
  • Recordings of each session to enable you to review the practices we discussed.

Investment: $2,997 (can be split into payments)

Schedule a 30-minute Illumination Session to find out if this is a good fit for you and to discuss the investment.

How it works…

We start by delving into mindfulness and our relationship to Self, focusing on the present moment, utilizing your five senses and learning to witness the overactive mind at work, we will establish the foundation for the enduring self-love that all innately deserve.

In the study of mindfulness, we will innately explore intuitive movement. Exploring what works best for you, learning to bring oxygen into the body to keep our cells functioning optimally and our mind’s clear. Mind you, this is not an exercise program by any means. We will be working together to initiate a life of fluid, calming movement for you by utilizing proven principles from a variety of modalities.

During our sessions regarding mysticism, we will focus on your connection to Mother Earth and the Universal life force that encompasses all. Constructing rituals that are impactful and unique, you will learn the basics of energetic self-care and how to channel divine, loving light into your body.

Once immersed in mysticism, mindfulness and movement, you will start to notice your ability to empower attraction. Integrating the practices that you’ve learned on this journey, magnetism will be made tangible.

Working with Danielle has been transformational.

She guided me through powerful practices that I have been able to apply in my daily life to feel grounded and connected to love. She provided me with tools and rituals to channel my energy and find balance through my breath.

I am so thankful to Danielle for sharing her gifts with the world in this way and for helping me connect with my gifts to share. Andrea E.